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Conversations with Itziar Muguerza

Beginning in June of 2004, and ignoring how long will last, we will discuss different subjects, talking and writing in English, a language in which Itziar is proficient, and also in Spanish, with similar proficiency. We will deal with English poetry and metrics, entering in the accentual metrics, so important in modern poetry, and arriving perhaps to the so-called free verse. Music, rhythm and esthetics will also unavoidably touched in our talks. The somewhat erratic course that we take will be evident by eyeing the following (and ever-growing) subjects:

Stages of improvement I
Stages of improvement II
Stages of improvement III
Decantar Refinar Harmonizar
Stages of improvement IV
Recitation of poems
Canto y vibrato
A vueltas con Kavafis
The Chariot
To sing the Illyad
Un poema para Itziar
Improve the journey
where we find ‒with some surprise‒ that the actual subject of our talks have been 'Human and Spiritual Development'. These things happen...
Many of these pages are later developments of an actual conversation.
The conversations lasted about one year.

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