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Iambic pentameter and Julius Caesar (included in Conversaciones con Concha )

English, specially now Shakespeare English versifies making several licenses o techniques to achieve the iambic pentameter with a stress on the tenth syllable. Let us find empirically (?) the rules applied, looking at Julius Caesar.

    1. The 'e' before 'n' or 'l' are frequently elided (supressed): "genral/general","flatt'ry/flattery".

    2. The 'v' can disappear , as in "e'en/even".

    3. Some terminations, derived from the French, are pronounced as in this language: "en-te-rred". This is usually marked with a grave accent (è).

    4.Some elipsis: "in the cloud" becomes "i'th'cloud", for instance. In Venus and Adonis, explicitly written in Oxford edition we find these 'tour de force's:

    ta'en for taken, 'gins for begins, e'en for even, e'er for ever, ne'er for never,

    5. And we remember in present English pronunciations as the like:

[pa'aps] for perhaps, [flour] for flower

See those rules applied in two sonnets.


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