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A page from a Persian calligraphy booklet

Translated by Mojgn Py. Helped by Javier Snchez (also typist)

From the small book titled: /1374 /xZ /xZfZ x‹ 㿨Z /眣śZ تZ [Zd , Amirjni,G.H. (1374 HSH.-1995 A.D.). Tratado de caligrafa. Tehran: Crculo de Calgrafos de Irn, on nast'aliq - Persian caligraphy - we have selected the ending page, 48, written down the Persian texts of the calligraphic forms (tooghra) and the English translation of the full page.



 Here is the text:



ݩ 


He is the Truth


ŚZ ͱŅZ" ͤ Zf azf


For the spirit, the conversation with the inharmonious (malicious, discordant soul)

is a dolorous torture.


The sixth ghat'e (toghraa) has an oval shape. The role of the dots which are at all places -from the word to the line - influential and at times decisive, in this particular ghat'e has taken on an even stronger personality.

And since the text has been selected in such a way as not to appear a perfect oval, the empty space left underneath the words down to the border of the oval has been almost completely filled in with the dots.

In addition to that, because of a lack of circular-shaped words, the distance between the letters and the words is slightly augmented.

And the keshdeh * in the word jens is flat and scarcely sloped, and stretched slightly beyond the seven dots to nine, in order to stand in greater proportion with respect to the two words sohbat and bst, respectively beneath and above it.

Z Z ͤ g

From the bad companion (in conversation) separation, separation !



* stretched, elongated letters, both horizontally and vertically.


A brief formal study of this page reveals simple proportions between its main parts:


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